Important Update: Change to Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificate 2020

For clients that are required to show Display Energy Certificates, please note that the government has created a new register and taken these requirements in-house. The layout of these certificates has also changed. 

On Sunday 20th September, we worked with CIBSE Certifcation Ltd to ensure the portal and registration of these new requirements worked correctly.

Display Energy Certificates, or DECs for short, were introduced by the Department for Communities and Local Government in 2008. They form part of the implementation of the European Directives 2002/91/EC and 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings.

A DEC provides a building with a rating from A-G that is benchmarked against all other buildings of that type within the UK. This rating is based on operational performance and uses actual energy consumption data over a twelve-month period.

Since 2007/2008 data management of Display Energy Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates and air conditioning inspection certificates have been managed by Landmark. The contract for this register has come to an end and, from Monday 21st September 2020, the government has taken the steps to move energy certificate data to the website and will run the register directly. You can view the new website here: Energy Performance of Buildings Register

The layout of Display Energy Certificates has also changed and we have included an example of this below. We have worked with CIBSE to ensure the portal and registration of these new requirements worked correctly. Advisory Reports have also changed but are still a work in progress to ensure they are as easy to read as possible.

New Display Energy Certificate 2020

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