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Useful Documents

Link to PDFDescription
SECR Flow ChartHelps you identify whether or not you are required to submit reports under the SECR framework.
SECR Table of RequirementsDetails what you are information you are required to report under the SECR framework.
The Differences Between ESOS and SECRDetails the differences between ESOS and SECR.
ESOS Audit Tick ListDetails the information that will be required for an organisation to complete their ESOS audit
DEC Check ListDetails the information that will be required for the provision of a Display Energy Certificate.
CHP Metering RequirementsDetails the required metering for electricity, gas and heat to ensure a successful application for CHPQA approval. 2EA® Limited can advise you on your metering requirements.
Lighting Strategy ReviewSimple guide on how to carry out a lighting strategy review for a building.
CPS Calculation SheetDetails the information that will be required for an organisation to calculate and report their Carbon Price Support (CPS) Liability
CHPQA Annual Registration Flow ChartShows the process of the CHPQA registration.

Energy Saving Sheets

Our Energy Saving Sheets are free to use and can be used monthly or quarterly inconjuction with your organisations maintenance checks. They cover various checks and saving measures for different areas of business including the home!

Link to PDFDescription
ESS Air ConditioningAir Conditioning
ESS BoilersBoilers
ESS Compressed AirCompressed Air
ESS HeatingHeating
ESS InsulationInsulation
ESS LightingLighting
ESS MotorsMotors
ESS Office EquipmentOffice Equipment
ESS Process PlantProcess Plant
ESS RefrigerationRefrigeration
ESS HomeEnergy Efficiency in the Home

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