Legislation Timetable

Energy Legislation Timetables

We have summarised below each piece of legislation, the participation requirements, an overview and the deadlines to help business better navigate the energy legislation landscape. These deadlines will be updated on a regularly basis.

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Legislation Who must participate Overview Deadlines
Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) UK Quoted Companies, Large Unquoted Companies & Charities with two or more: 250+ Staff, £18m+ Balance sheet, £36m+ Turnover Report UK energy use and GHG emissions in an annual report alongside end of year accounts submitted to Companies House Annually
Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Any large UK undertaking that meets the following conditions: it employs 250+ staff, Or it has an annual turnover in excess of €50m and an annual balance sheet in excess of €43m Gather all relevant data, draw up an audit plan, undertake audits, identify energy-saving opportunities, have your report signed off by a lead assessor & submit to the EA Phase 3 – 5/12/2023

Phase 4 – 5/12/2027

Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) Any organisation with combustion plants with a rated thermal input of between 1MW-50MW. The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) regulates pollutant emissions from the combustion of fuels in plants with a rated thermal input of between 1MW-50MW. 20/12/2018 for new plants.

2025 or 2030 for existing plants, above 5MW

2029 & 2030 for exisiting plant, below 5MW

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Climate Change Levy (CCL) Reconciliation Organisation operating CHP’s and participating in the CHPQA scheme Annual reconciliation against an organisations CHPQA Certificate to be carried out as per HMRC guidance for CCL exemption relief. Annually
Heat Meter Verification (CHP) CHP Operators To maintain registration under the CHPQA Programme, CHP heat meters need to be verified. Every 2 years
Capacity Market – Voluntary Interconnectors. Embedded Generators, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), New and Existing Generators, Electricity Storage, Demand Side Responders (DSR), Participants of the Capacity Market are able to bid for contracts in auctions held four years prior to the delivery date Participants can voluntarily enter the capacity market. Bids take place for four years in advance
Display Energy Certificates (DEC) All public buildings visited by the public larger than 250sqm Conduct energy audits to find saving recommendations and production of an energy certificate based on actual performance 250m2 – 1,000m2 – Every 10 years >1,000m2 – Annually
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) Required for buildings being sold, rented or built A theoretical view of a building’s projected energy performance Every 10 years or when a building is being sold
Climate Change Agreements (CCA) Various industrial sectors including manufacturing, data centres and cold storage A CCA is a voluntary contractual agreement between an organisation and the Government Regulator (Environment Agency). The organisation agrees to report its energy use against a specific target. Bi-Annually

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