A Force For Change with Dr Phillipa Coan

Dr Phillipa CoanEarlier this year we interviewed Dr Phillipa Coan, an expert in workplace environmental behavioural change. Dr Coan has a PhD that broadly looked into different strategies for changing employee behaviour to become more environmentally sustainable, while winning a number of national and university awards along the way.

From this interview, we found out what exactly business psychology and behavioural change is, what the relationship is between business psychology and energy management, common trends and much more.

You can view the interview here

Dr Phillipa Coan

During an interview with Talking Heads, Dr Coan discusses how energy management relies on three factors; technology, people and data. She also believes that the people aspect is often not on the radar and emphasises that her skills in energy management are capable of enabling organisations to use their workforce as a cost-effective asset in order to save energy. This, therefore, means that instead of becoming an energy problem, workforces can become a part of the solution.

A Force for Change (PDF)


Dr Coan strongly believes that the key to success lies in blending psychology, data and technology and her newly formed company STRIDE reflects this. She has recognised a pattern that the people side in energy management tends to be dismissed or neglected, however, some companies do target it but only on a very simplistic level. This should not be the case as embedding change mainly relies on people as people design change, lead change initiatives, accept it and work on forming it.

Therefore, STRIDE works in partnership with businesses and their workforces to establish what the key drivers are for behaviour and energy management. From this, STRIDE helps to create effective targets so employees can benefit from it, helping to change behaviour and mindsets along the way. This process can then be multiplied throughout an entire organisation and have a real, positive impact on energy consumption and how to save it.

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