Carbon Reduction Plans – Net Zero Commitments


Updated Guidance Carbon Reduction Plans and Net Zero Commitments

Updated guidance on the application of Carbon Reduction Plans (CRPs) and Net Zero Commitments (NZCs) for NHS Suppliers has now been published on the NHS England website. The guidance sets out detailed requirements to be implemented from April 2024, which build upon previous NHS Carbon Reduction Plan guidance.

These requirements are part of the NHS net zero supplier roadmap, which ensures the NHS supply chain plays its crucial part in ensuring the NHS becomes a net zero health service by 2045.

The guidance outlines how, from 1st April 2024, the NHS will proportionately extend the Carbon Reduction Plan requirements to cover all procurements.

  • To ensure the CRP requirements are extended in a proportionate and relevant manner to all procurements from 1st April 2024, the policy will be applied in a two-tiered approach. A CRP requirement will be extended to a wider set of procurements and a Net Zero Commitment will be required for lower value procurements.
  • The Net Zero Commitment requirements include selected key requirements from the CRP, therefore a CRP-compliant supplier is also compliant with the NHS Net Zero Commitment requirements.
  • A supplier who has already published a compliant CRP is ready to meet the April 2024 milestone requirements by keeping their CRP up to date.

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