CHPQA Certificate Deadline


As the end of June looms, we approach the deadline for your CHPQA renewal.

CHPQA Renewal

In order to retain your CCL exemption, you must renew your CHPQA certificate before the 30th June 2023.

What is the CCL Exemption?

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is an environmental tax charged on energy used by businesses, to encourage them to reduce their energy consumption.

Eligible companies can partially or fully exempt their energy supplies from CCL charges.

The CCL is charged on energy used for heating, lighting, natural gas, electricity, petroleum and coal.

CHPQA Certificate

In order to receive your Climate Change Levy exemption, you need a CHPQA certificate which can be achieved by submitting your annual energy data to the government. Once submitted, and verified, you’ll receive a CHPQA Certificate which will allow you to claim the benefits.

Certificates must be renewed each year. If you have not yet renewed, act now to ensure you can continue to receive the CCL exemption.

Help with CHPQA Application

We can help you with the completion and submission of your CHPQA application. Please get in touch now if you need support or guidance.

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