CHP Health Check

CHP Health Check

It is essential to carry out regular checks on any CHP units that are in place to ensure they are working efficiently and providing maximum return on investment.


Package 1: Standard Package

2EA Consulting will attend site and assess the operational performance of your CHP unit; checks include but are not limited to:

  • Comparison of unit specification to actual performance
  • Calculation of CHP electrical efficiency
  • Calculation of CHP heat efficiency
  • Determination of excess heat ‘dumping’
  • Calculation of average hourly electrical output
  • Calculation of CHPQA Quality Index
  • Check heat meter temperature probes/flow meter correctly positioned
  • Check CHP fuel meter is pressure & temperature compensated
  • Check CHP meters within calibration periods
  • Detail and record CHP metering
  • Provide report detailing observations and recommendations

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