ISO 50001 Implementation & Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management

ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised standard for Energy Management. It is recognised as the standard practise framework for managing your energy performance and addressing your energy costs, whilst also helping you to reduce your environmental impact and meet emissions reductions targets.

Successful implementation depends on commitment from all levels and functions of the organisation, especially from top management. Our in house auditor is a BSI-trained ISO 50001 Lead Auditor. We can help implement your Energy Management System (EnMS) as a whole system, tailored to your organisation, with achievable targets set and regular reviews.

For organisations looking to become certified, we ensure your EnMS meets the standards requirements and arrange an accredited body to assess your EnMS.


ISO 50001 Stages:

2EA® are able to offer all or select stages of ISO 50001, tailored to your specific requirements.

Stage 1: Gap Analysis

Before you commit to an ISO 50001 implementation project we can review your existing energy management initiatives and systems, comparing them with ISO 50001 and identify areas that require action. This gap analysis will help you to understand the steps your organisation needs to take in order to achieve certification.

Our gap analysis report will also help you to determine the workload and time scale for implementing an EnMS that will achieve ISO 50001 certification by:

  • Reviewing your current management practice and energy profile – including existing operations, plant & systems, energy management procedures, capability and resources.
  • Outlining the requirements for ISO 50001 and confirming your organisation’s potential scope of implementation and boundaries.
  • Identifying level of conformance (including any deficiencies) in relation to the standard.
  • Providing an improvement plan to prepare for formal assessment.
  • Identifying the implementation project critical path and where you many need targeted specialist help

Stage 2: Energy Mapping

This stage provides the opportunity to assess, quantify and benchmark your significant energy consumptions across your site(s) and a comprehensive and appropriate baseline against which to measure energy performance. This is not only a key part of the ISO 50001 requirements, it is the fundamental starting point from which all your organisation’s most meaningful savings will spring.

Stage 3: EnMS Implementation

In this stage of the process we work with your team to undertake systematic and comprehensive energy planning. This could mean:

  • Devising appropriate objectives, targets and a supporting action plan.
  • Designing and checking processes and documentation that meet ISO 50001 requirements.
  • Providing additional technical support where required based on the gap analysis.
  • Ensuring data management is accurate, appropriate and meaningful.

Stage 4: Pre-Certification Audit

For organisations looking to obtain ISO 50001 certification a pre-certification audit will be carried out by our in-house BSI-trained ISO 50001 Lead Auditor to ensure your EnMS meets ISO 50001 standards or to identify further action needed to become compliant.

Our analysis and report will identify any areas of non-conformity and provide a corrective action plan to make you ready for a formal assessment by a certified body.

Please note that you must be able to demonstrate that your EnMS has been fully operative for a minimum of three months and has been subject to internal auditing in order to generate enough records to provide certifiers with evidence of conformance. This essential ‘live operation’ of the system is built into the implementation project timeline generated by our Stage One Gap Analysis Report.

As part of our service we undertake energy assessment to ensure the EnMS that has been implemented works to the standards requirements.

Stage 5: Post-Certification

Post-certification we offer on-going support to your team. This could take any one of several forms, ranging from technical support for individual energy projects, through data handling and management to legal compliance issues. We can also conduct regular auditing and provide support for top level management reviews to maintain the effectiveness of your EnMS and conformity to ISO 50001.

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