Kitchen Energy Plan (KEP)

KEP Services

Similar to the BECI in construct, the KEP identifies those appliances within the kitchen that cost the most to operate. Along with a start-up routine, it enables your staff to make maximum savings when operating kitchen equipment by ensuring the most expensive are only operated when truly required and switched off at the earliest opportunity. The KEP is one of the easiest and most successful ways of saving energy within the catering environment!

Kitchen Energy Plan

You can have a small table or a further document underneath showing the cost of these appliances such as the following:

No. Item Model/Type Utility Appliance Rating (kW) Fuel Cost (p.kWh) Hourly Cost to Run
1 Deep Fat Fryer Parry Single Tank Electricity 3 £0.15 £0.45
2 6 Ring Gas Hob Blue Seal Gas 42.7 £0.056 £2.39
3 Dishwasher Classeq Passthrough Electricity 6.84 £0.15 £1.03


Package 1

  • Attend site and carry out a full review of the kitchen appliances
  • Calculate the running cost of the kitchen(s)
  • Provide a kitchen energy plan and breakdown of hourly running costs
  • Consultancy services to clients with regards to KEP issues

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