Another Whale Has Washed up on the Shore After Digesting 64 Pounds of Plastic

Sperm Whale

In late February 2018, a six-tonne Sperm Whale washed up on the shore of the Murcian Coast in Southern Spain after consuming 64 pounds of plastic. The male Sperm Whale is already an endangered species protected under the Endangered Species Conservation Act in the US, and this is just one example as to why.

Cause of Death

The Sperm Whale measured 33 feet long and weighed more than six tonnes. The cause of death was down to the ingestion of 64 pounds of plastic, which was found in its stomach and intestines. The autopsy report stated that the types of materials found in the Whale were; plastic sacks, nets, ropes and plastic bags as well as a plastic jerrycan.

Not only did the Whale suffer from the consumption of plastics, but experts also found the inner walls of the Whale’s abdomen to be inflamed as a result of bacterial and fungal infection.

This is just another of many cases that shows the effects plastic waste has on our oceans and comes just two years after a pod of 13 Sperm Whales washed ashore, after dying from ingesting plastic waste.

A Previous Case – The Case of Lulu

Previously, we brought the ‘Case of Lulu’ to your attention, where we discussed the very serious effects toxic pollutants and unrecycled waste can have on our Oceans. Lulu, an innocent Killer Whale, became victim to this when she was found washed up on the Scottish Island of Tiree, after becoming entangled in fishing ropes. When examining the corpse, researchers also found an alarming amount of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) in her system.

If action does not take place, more Whales and helpless sea creatures will become victim to our plastic waste.

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What We Need to Do

There are many things we can do in order to prevent plastics and toxic chemicals entering the Ocean, the most simple being to dispose of all waste products properly and by recycling where possible. Many companies are putting strategies into place to ensure there is as little plastic waste as possible. For example, McDonalds are trialing a new, paper straw initiative and Selfridges have announced they will not longer be purchasing or selling drinks held in plastic bottles.

All of this comes three years after the 5p bag scheme was launched in the UK.

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