Ding Dong – The bulb is gone!

Halogen Light Bulbs

Back in 2009, the EU began phasing out inefficient light bulbs in favour of energy efficient ones in an attempt to help the environment. Since then, it was announced that towards the end of 2018, all but a few types of halogen light bulbs will be phased out of the market and replaced with LED GLS bulbs.

Why is this Happening?

In order to help the environment, we need to make changes from conventional sources to new, energy efficient ones. The cost of LED technology has not only decreased but it is also available in every household fitting where a halogen would normally be used.

It has also been proven that LED light bulbs last much longer than halogens, one halogen light bulb is believed to last an average of 2,000 hours whereas an LED will last for as long as 25,000.

These statistics also indicate that the costs will be lower when purchasing energy efficient light bulbs, with the cost of LED lighting falling in price over the last few years. However, it is advised that you do not just opt for the cheapest LED light bulb as you are likely to get what you pay for; the cheaper the lightbulb, the less time it lasts for.

If you are keen about this switch, you may want to invest in the newest lighting technology, or smart bulbs, as they offer maximum functionality and can even be controlled from your smartphones. However, as you’d expect, these smart bulbs come at a higher cost, both upfront and in maintenance. Therefore, if you are looking for the best balance between affordability and longevity, we advise that you opt for LED light bulbs.

What Date will this come into Effect?

The final date for which most halogen lights will be phased out is the 1st September 2018. We’re excited to see this new innovation unfold and later look into the statistics on our country’s energy. We expect LED will improve our energy usage and more people will become aware of the importance of saving energy where possible.

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