Exponential-e Achieves ISO 50001 Certification

Exponential-e are a British networking and cloud provider. The company entirely own an extremely fast one hundred Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 VPLS Network that enables them to guarantee a high level of reliability, performance and resilience.

Exponential-e also integrates bespoke applications and third party providers for SMEs with an end to end SLA. This is one of the contributing factors as to why Exponential-e has a record of ninety-six percent customer reference-ability and is trusted by over 2,800 of its clients and features in the London Stock Exchanges Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain.

Carbon Commitment

Exponential-e’s services are distributed through one pipe, enabling one hundred percent network control and visibility. They have shown the highest levels of compliance within industry standards and as of 2016 been awarded seven ISO accreditations. From May 2015 to May 2016 Exponential-e reduced their carbon footprint by the huge sum of sixty-eight percent.

As the technology sector is traditionally energy intensive, a reduction of sixty-eight percent is momentous. Exponential-e aim to continue to maintain their audits, evolve their offerings as they develop and look to build around their standards framework for managing service management, security, quality, business continuity and now environmental. The company no longer have any section of the business in which is not assessed by a third party. Exponential-e are proud to be on of the few companies who have attained seven ISO certifications.

ISO Accreditations

Exponential-e have been awarded two International Organization for Standardisation certifications (ISO 14001 and ISO 50001) demonstrating energy and environmental management across the business, an addition to the five existing certifications Exponential-e already uphold (service management, security, quality and business continuity).

Achieving ISO 50001 certification within Energy Management Standards portrays Exponential-e’s commitment to energy efficiency throughout the business, working towards a beneficial, secure long term energy supply and heightening employee awareness. This certification also verifies Exponential-e’s compliance with ESOS.

The ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard is dependent upon the company’s ability to reduce costs within recycling, waste and consumption, along with managing the environmental risks. This certification will help Exponential-e’s long term commitment in lowering its environmental impact.

In order to achieve ISO 50001 certification Exponential-e made several changes to their environmental and energy initiatives including: installing 30,000 motion sensors throughout its offices to manage light usage and replacing all of its plasma screens rated with C or D energy consumption with eco-friendly LED screens.

For organisations looking to become ISO 50001 certified, 2EA® can ensure your EnMS meets the standard requirements and arrange an accredited body to provide an assessment. Our auditors are BSI trained and can help implement your Energy Management System (EnMS) as a whole system, tailored to your organisation’s needs, with achievable targets set and regular reviews.

For further information please visit our ISO 50001 service page or contact us via email to info@2ea.co.uk or telephone on 01293 521 350.

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